05/10/17 - Had a busy-ish month getting back into the swing of college. Had one acting assessment already, which I think went ok. Our MD has decided he is going to really explore my vocal range this term. The latest song I have been given is certainly testiment to that......."Til I Hear You Sing".......from Love Never Dies. That'll stretch me for sure.

Was given a main role in an upcoming production of "Copacabanna" last night, only then to find out had a date clash and wouldn't be able to commit to it. Really enjoyed learning the audition piece "Sweet Heaven" though. Thinking of adding it to my voice reel too.

Found out tonight that I'm going to a Phantom workshop tomorrow.......WOOHOOOO!! One of my all time faves......

04/09/17 - Can finally let you know that I have been offered a place in a Take That tribute band as Mark Owen with Pop Management http://popmanagement.co.uk/ who run a number of tribute groups. Went through to Selby today to run through some songs with the management team before Saturdays gig in Cleethorpes. The songs still need some work, but I feel they went pretty well. Roll on Saturday!!!!
03/09/17 - Offered a role in a corperate educational video today, playing to part of a young student doctor offering support to a patient. Was made up until they messaged me a few hours later to say the shoot date had been moved to a day I already had commitments on. Isnt that just TYPICAL. Hey ho.......onwards and upwards, at least they asked!!!!

30/08/17 - Well another 2 years have passed, and life moves on, along with our ability to manage a website!!!! Still as passionate as ever about all genre's of performing. I'm a bit like Martini in that respect......any time any place any where.....

I am now

 - 18!! how did that even HAPPEN?

 - Just geting ready to start year 2 of a level 3 Btec in acting. Got Dist* Dist* for year 1.

 - in the aftermath of a life-affirming run of Les Mis playing Javert, with the legendary Nick Evans, Donna Munday and Steve Moss. There aren't many truly pivotal moments in a persons life, but working with those West End-ers and the amazing cast and crew can be marked down as on on my timeline as one. Humbled and inspired beyond words........

 - Passed my grade 7 singing exam recently with a distinction mark of 95%. Go me!!

 - Applied for a regional production of JC Superstar.......next bucket list role.......Judas.

 - Taking tentative steps towards learning to drive

 17/09/15 - Busy day at college, followed by yearly auditions for the Opera North Youth Chorus. I'm singing 'Stars' from Les Mis for my individual audition, and then the rest of the evening is for group work. Also booked headshots apt for Saturday. Badly in need of new ones. Has been a while.

16/09/15 - Been a very quiet summer of very little net access and a poorly laptop, so the website needs dusting down and shaking up. Have had 2 changes of agents, transition from home education, a very productive summer school........and now I'm raring to go!!!!

College - started a Btech level 2 performing arts, which will either lead to a level 3 or a move to Leeds college of music. Still undecided on that one.

Agent - Am now happily with IPM Management in Leeds. My old agent sold up part of the business, and I was in the part that went over to the new owner. She the went bust with her business partner and wanted us to sign up with her new company, but I felt the time was right for a new direction, with a local based agency of good standing. So I had an interview and audition.......and BOOM.....I'm in!!!! So onwards and upwards.....

Filmed an educational film on Wednesday in Wakefield. All to do with promoting apprenticeships. Had fun on a local building site, getting stared at by passing city centre shoppers!!!! Will get a professional credit it, and we all got to keep the safety boots they bought for us.....result.

19/03/15 - well a host of problems and hosting issues prevented site use for the longest time.......but we're back!!! Jordan is now a full tenor, and struggling to find where he fits in vocally. He has the voice of a Viking in a 5 ft 2 frame. Opera North Youth Chorus is very accommodating, and he loves the discipline and order of Opera.He is still very active locally in theatre school and choir, but has been another slow year on the audition front. I think its a tough age......not quite 16 when you don't need a license, but too old to play 12 yr olds. We keep plugging away though.

03/02/14 - Another year folks, and its been soooo quiet you could hear a pin drop, but hey ho, its not through lack of trying. Made a short film in December, and had a blast at the Yew Tree Xmas productions at Castleford. Their open mike night was an absolute blast.....never done THAT before!!! Have applied for Lord of the Flies tour,but not heard of any local workshops yet.

17/09/13 - Have been lucky enough to have been accepted to Opera North Youth Chorus. SOOOO excited right now.....

29/04/13 - Well here we are, another year, another birthday. 14 years old and still full of passion. Things have been quiet recently, but lots of choir concerts, and 2 songs of praise recordings for the BBC. Ruby and the 13th door in York was a brilliant success. Magical, mystical and wonderful (photos coming to the gallery). I’m sure the production team will take this production onwards and upwards to where it deserves to be……..well done. Jordan made some wonderful new friends and built some cracking memories.

We drove 5 hrs to Cardiff and 5 hrs back for a 10 minute audition for a Simon Cowell film about Paul Potts in front of David Frankel (Marley & Me). It was a no, but was nice to be invited. A few other auditions, but very quiet at the mo.

Ooooh…..managed another distinction in his ABRSM singing exam. Grade 5 this time……


11/12/12 - Well its been a while.......had a busy spell there for a while. The short film, 'The Carnage Network' is nearly all filmed. Spooky stuff. Cant wait to see it finished. Also, taking part in a musical in York in just over a week.....Ruby and the 13th Door at Merchant Adventurers Hall 19th + 20th. Also just had interest and an invite to audition for a short film being shot in Paris early next year. Did BGT too recently, but not holding his breath on THAT one!!!! Passed Grade 4 tap, 83%......woohooooo.

3/8/12 - Just had a message through Jordans you tube account offering him a role in an upcoming imdb accredited British Board of Film Censors film. Being filmed locally too, which is a bonus. More details to follow, but it is a gory role, which means Jordan is happy!!!!

12/07/12 - Well it was a no for the panto, but he got through quite a few stages, and had a thoroughly lovely time.

24/6/12 - Jordan is at Wakefield Theatre Panto auditions today. Very busy when I dropped him off. 176 children for 30 places. But at the very least it will be good audition experience. Caught up with some old friends too.......result!!! 

15/6/12 - Had a lovely phone caall tonight from the "Ruby" people. Jordan has been lucky enough to get a place......and he is so excited. One of his friends from Scala got in too, which makes it extra special. Rehersals start on 1st July.

6/06/12 - Found out today he has an audition on Friday for "Ruby" the musical being shown in Leeds Variety Theatre in September. Now have a new song to learn in 2 days and a monologue to dust off and reaquaint him with. 

26/05/12 - Jordan's plusnet commercial aired for the first time today.......AND YOU CAN SEE IT'S HIM THIS TIME!!!!! I think they might bring out a longer version of this at some point, as the dad, the comedic element in the previous ad's and who was filmed on the day, is missing. On the other hand, who can predict what these creative types want on a final cut. We remember THAT from the First Direct TVC.

16/05/12 - Last minute audition for "The Sparticle Mystery Part 2" a cbbc series about a group of children surviving in a post apocolyptic world, where their parent are stuck in a parallel universe. Only got the script last night, so a bit of a rush to learn it. This is where being home educated comes in handy, we can re-work our schedule to suit. The audition is only in Leeds too, so no mega train trip to go on. Jordan loved the script sides, but then probably so did 1000 other children.

14/05/12 - Jordan got 83% highly commended on his tap exam. Chuffed to bits for him. He worked really hard on it. Not bad for someone they said may never walk!!!

1/05/12 - Last minute whizz down to London for a Channel 4  series called Utopia. Its based aroud a group of individuals that find a book that has end of days potential, and the worldwide agencies that want it from them. Bit of language in it, but Jordan thought it was "well cool". Can't argue with that.

27/04/12 - Choir concert at the Salvation Army Hall, Castleford. First time singing in public with his new voice. Choir mistress decided it was too short notice to move to the tenor section, so he stayed in his usual spot, and he winged it for the duration. Was well recieved, and what a lovely venue.

26/04/12 - Grade 3 tap exam today. Jordan came out saying he had a thoroughly brilliant time, and he thinks he did ok.

25/04/12 - Eeeeek......big news......Jordan's voice has broken!!!!! Over the course of a week he has gone from a soprano to a full tenor. He is quite excited about the new challenges and opportunities this will give him. We'll have to update his song set now. The days of singing "We're Walking in the Air" are well and truly over.

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