Here is a selection of videos showcasing Jordan's performance skills.






Drink Driving Campaign - Pete Middleton Pictures - A hard hitting message that could affect anyone......


Plusnet Yorkshire Broadband TVC - filmed on a very chilly Ilkley Moor, but the boys were superstars, patient and professional throughout.


Gambling Man - A triptich video recorded for a vocal challenge set by "The Overtones". Each of the harmonies was recorded seperately and then edited together. He didn't win, but the group were so impressed with his talent, they sent him a signed T-shirt, photo and wrist bands for his efforts.


Showreel - A montage of clips from some of Jordan's recent short films.....


Your Star - A beautiful short film examining the relationship between a young boy and his dying Grandfather. Filmed on location in York, Jordan did his first night shoot, and first green screen work too.


By Luke Downing


Spirit of the Forest - A Fantasy short  filmed in the beautiful Macclesfield Royal Forest in the bleak mid winter. Thank heavens for spare jeans, car heaters and hot tomato soup!!!!


By Andy Parker

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